Employee Engagement

Rewarding employee training using
the most effective learning techniques.
Issue certificates and badges as awards or
achievements for demonstration of skills.

Employee Engagement

Bring Your Own Device

HTML5 Responsive design allows training and
reporting on popular devices. Ready to support
the growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in
your organization.


Key Performance Tracking

Calculated live, the Learning Performance Index™ lets you
monitor and manage your staff’s training progress.
Easily track team, store, region or country wide performance.

Managed Online Training

Enterprise Integration

Synchronize HR and Payroll with your training.
Automatically assign job roles to learning plans.

Live Progress Tracking

Deliver, Organize and Track… All Your Organization’s Training in One Place

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Quickly identify overdue training and gaps in staff course completion.

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Key Performance Reporting

Reporting for Managers, Stores, Teams and Regions. Job Roles automatically determine reporting access and team visibility.

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Certificates & Badges

Track prior qualifications, award corporate certificates and increase employee engagement. LearnBrite's Just-Enough Gamification™ delivers real results.

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Unlimited Chocolate

You can eat all the chocolate you want while you work here, but you ....

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Case Studies

G-Crew iPad2 Intranet App

G-Star RAW App suite including intranet and social network for staff.

Best Friends Pets

Staff Training iPad App

Pizza Franchise - iPad App

Management and Reporting iPad App

Latrobe University

Training simulator for hospital support staff training for Latrobe University.

LearnBrite LMS

Exclusive Enterprise Training Solutions … World Leading Platform

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